ERP/MRP development

A complete ERP system for Different Manufacturing Trading and Servicing industries

This integrated software solution consists of various business related modules like Financial Accounting, Sales, Stock transfer memos, Purchase order and Purchase Billing, Inventory for Raw materials, Semi Finished, Finished and Packing materials, Job work, Completely on-line excise activities, Production Planning, Sales target analysis for customers, sales representatives and sales officers of the branches. Sales Schemes and incentives management, Sales commission management for all the officers and SRs, Automatic generation of nine different types of debit and credit notes for customer's spreaded nationwide, Automatic generation and tracking system of various bank letters for sales transactions done through bank.

Correspondence system for large customer, supplier and bankers database to keep track of various ongoing negotiations and different matters for sent and received letters. Inter office memos (IOM), Sticker and Address label printing modules were also given to speedup daily routine work.

All branches located in different cities of India are connected to Head office. Daily inter-branch and HO-branch automatic data transfers are initiated by HO server at fix time with perfect log of data and information sent/received to each branch office and HO.

All the modules are customizable to fulfill the changing need due to changes in Government policies, Banking sector, Excise and Sales tax department. Leveled security system is given to facilitate restricted entries in various options of the system.

Stock Management Software

Keeps Track of all 'Sauda' (deal) of purchase, sale and bad deliveries. Generates on-line invoice for Purchase, Sale, Difference and Transfers of Shares and/or Bonds. Invoicing is directly related with stock of shares and Financial Accounting system. Developed for multiple users' environment.

Business Intelligence

Following projects includes our BI engagement for ETL design development, reporting / query services and Creation of Executive/Management Dash Boards.

eCommerce Website development

We specialize in custom website application development for global companies. We are a full service online website development agency developing dynamic solutions - from online brochure ware to ecommerce website applications.

In addition to custom web design, our primary focus is the creation of online website content management tools, work flow and customer relationship management systems as well as database driven HTML, Flash and animation websites that empower our clients to manage their sites and streamline their business processes without the need for programming or website design knowledge. Our professional team of web design and promotion experts pride themselves on producing websites that do real business.

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Kevin Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. is an ISO 9001 certified company established in 1972, engaged in design, manufacture, supply & installation of Mass Transfer Equipment.

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Saurashtra Kutch Stock Exchange Ltd. (SKSE) is a recognized by Government of India and is registered with SEBI. SKSE is also member of National Stock Exchange (NSE) and Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and provides trading platform to brokers in regional stock exchange.

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Cougar Mindware Pvt. Ltd. intends to be a pivotal provider of value added software solutions that lead to visible & tangible improvements in business operations. It also believes that technology finds its true meaning the more it is understood and used. They are committed to create such technological solutions that can optimize operational efficiencies. can tell you more.


Arcadia Shipping & Trading company is a unit of its parent company M/s. Arvind & Co. (earlier M/s. K.P.Shah & Co.) which was founded in the 1930s and are involved in Export / Import related activities such as Custom House Agency, Ship Agency, Cargo Superintendence, Ship Supplies, Stevedoring, Ship Staffing, Mechanical Cargo Handling, Dredging and Barge/Tug Operating. can tell you more.


Everest Brass Industries Is A Group Of Companies Engaged In Manufacturing & Suppliers Of Brass Turned Precision Components And Various Ancillary Metal Components For Electricals, Electronics, Telecommunication, Automobiles, Bicycle, Building Materials & Hardware Industries.
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Its a voluntary charitable institution eastablished in 1978 for charity pupose in general and health care of poor and weaker section of society and under several rural public in particular. The institute provides health care to mankind with very nominal charge. can tell you more.

Softwares for Service Industry

Business Objects for PeopleSoft

This project was to create the reports for PeopleSoft. They had existing reports created in Cognos and Microstrategy. As a part of migrating their system from Cognos / Microstrategy to BusinessObjects, the Universes were created by BusinessObjects team and the reports were developed by Smile to make those reports portable to their new system.

Leasing & Finance Solution

The objective of this project was to create Data Marts (BO-Designer for exporting Universes) for customer sales data (depositors, Hire Purchase, Lease and Loan) from Legacy systems and to enable quick decision making with the use of Business Objects reporting tool and develop a Clint-server application for Deposits, Hire Purchase, Leasing and Loan modules integrated with Financial Accounting system and build a data warehouse. A specific ETL tool was developed along with the reporting tool.

The main challenge was to understand stringent statutory requirements, complex business rules and Financial policies for national as well as International depositors and create ETL tool to extract data from various legacy systems and create data warehouse for extensive reporting requirement in DOS as well as windows platforms with budgetary constraints.

This application is capable of fulfilling all needs of Leasing and Finance company. This multi user integrated software is capable of handling following modules:

Deposits – Printing, Periodical Interest calculation, Automatic cheque printing for dividends, Advance cheque facilities and its management, TDS (Tax Deduction at Source) calculation and form-H management, Premature, mature and renewed deposit handling for their over 10000 customers nationwide.

Hire Purchase – This module was created for two main types - EMI (Equal Monthly Installment) and IRR (Internal Rate of Return) type of installment accounts. On-line IRR is calculated from HP parameters like period, scheme, Interest rate, advance and/or late installment, residual value etc. for decision making at the time of agreement with the customer.

Lease - Similar options were developed for lease as described above in Hire Purchase. This module is also capable of calculating special IRR for uneven installments requested by the customer.

Loan - All loan accounts are handled here with interest calculation.

Generalized Reports - A special tool (other then BO reporting) to make customized reports from various related databases for selected information. Users can do grouping, totaling, sorting in any order at any number of level in this report queries. This was allowing them to do quick analysis of business standing.

General Options:

  • Various forms are given to record daily transactions for received payments, installment due, cheques reversed, account closing, additional charges for late payments, regular finance charges, rebates and prompt payment rebates given, pay back for excess receipt, transfer from-to other accounts, amount written off, TDS deducted, other dues for cheque return charges, legal charges etc.
  • Options are give to check duplicate customers with similar names. On-line tax status checking is given for depositors for TDS liability.

Case Management System for lawyers

It can handle all types of court cases like Criminal, Civil, Appeal etc. and their sub case types. Gives various reports sorted on different information like Client Name, Judge Name, Court Case Number, Case Date etc. It also maintains Closed case register, gives daily court wise list of cases (board) and keeps each detail of every case. Excellent for a successful lawyer to keep perfect track of all cases he has in different courts.

Solution for Food Preservation Businesses

This is a unique service sector industry where rent billing is done in very unusual and most complex way and also depends on type of commodity for which billing is generated. The major complexity was that this industry does require roll back of entire billing in certain cases which should automatically bring back status of a particular commodity (as unbilled), give automatic effects to accounting transactions, ledgers and collection-payment system.

This solution is for service industry like cold storage, frozen storage where main daily activity includes account of incoming and outgoing goods, stock register maintenance, bill preparation for the rent and its accounting.

Software prints daily challans for incoming and outgoing goods. A lot number is assigned to each lot known as a 'vakal'. It also updates stock of particular vakal. As invoice calculation is very tedious manually, this allows you to make invoices for selected customers for any or all lots of goods on any date very fast. Invoice detail also displays balance quantity of each lot. Customer query for stock position is common in this type of business which can be accurately and speedily catered.

Facilities are given to keep old and new rates and application date for each item. You can also keep track of labor charges, cartage and freight paid on behalf of customer for the payment done at the time of loading/unloading of goods. Seasonal rates for any item can be specified for season period. After the end of the period system will automatically calculate rent on monthly bases. You may also arrange to see transaction records in order of date, customer plus date, transaction number or transaction entry order itself.

Payroll System

The most basic system which almost all enterprises need is payroll. This system generates time sheets, payroll register, pay slips, attendance register, loan register with automatic regular deduction, earned leave register, bonus register, ESI (employee state insurance) Register, PF (provident fund) register, state wise professional tax calculations etc. from the time entered for each employee. Attendance can be marked with time-in and time-out, daily present or absent or total days present in a month.

Employee information like name, address, phone, birth date, joining date, confirmation date, termination date, PF and ESI registration numbers, designation etc. can be kept for each employee. Professional tax, ESI, PF, bonus can be calculated as per customization and according to the applied rules of state and central government of India.

Payroll register also gives summary of Accounts 1, 2, 10, 21 and 22 for the payments in ESI and PF departments.

Labor Laws Management System

Payroll system is used for an organization for itself. This system is for labor law consultants who can generates various forms and reports from the monthly attendance data of all the employees of its clients.

System can generate reports like employee list, customer list, payroll register, pay slip, bonus register, company wise month wise ESI contribution, combined challan, return of contribution statement, form - 9, form 6-A, form 12-A, form - 6, form - 7 etc.

A special feature exports data in the prescribed format of form 3A and prepares files which are to be sent through e-mail or floppies.

Business Analysis and Project Management

Analysis for Bank

Client wanted to revamp banking system by analyzing their entire manual system and partially computerize banking procedures. After complete analysis and scrutinizing operations they wanted us to match their requirements with available standard banking software in the market.

Analysis involved all the processes form start to end for various modules like Current, Savings, Advances (CC, Pledge, Secure OD, Clean OD, Bills Purchase), Loans (Consumer, Term, housing, Against FDR, Staff loans), Clearing, Fixed & Recurring Deposits, Day Book, GL, PL, Pass Book or Statement Printing, Signature verification, Internal Inquiry Counter, Cash Payment / Cash Receipt, Demand Draft, TT – Remittances, Pay Order - Banker's Cheques, Outward Bills (OBC), Inward Bills (ICC), SIBC, Financial Accounting (all modules linked and integrated), Bank Members (Share Holders), Customer Service, Correspondence System, Payroll (Payroll Register, Pay Slip, PF & ESI report, Bonus, CL, SL, EL), RBI Statements, Investment Register, Cash & Liquidity Register, Various Certificate Printing (Balance, Cheque Clearance, No due, A/c holder, Interest paid/credited) and Data Transfer from old software by generating our own ETL tool.

Analysis for Hospital

This was specific for an orthopedic hospital that required gathering complete detail of their existing working processes for Indoor (IPD) and outdoor (OPD) patients and entire management of the hospital. Task was to analyze various standard and non-standard processes before and after operation, Physiotherapy section, Room registration and maintenance, Inventory, Billing and certification system, X-ray filming, processing and maintenance system.

Other customized Softwares

Quotation Making System for Printing Industry

Calculates cost of printing considering Paper Type, No. of Colors, Printing sides, Size of the Job, Type of the job like Letter heads, Boxes, Visiting Cards etc. Software considers all other printing industry parameters like, Designing, Composing, Processing, Varnish, Lamination, Cutting, Folding, Stitching, Binding, Gathering, Plate Making, Ruling, Wastage, Taxes etc. and then gives optimized (lowest) quotation for the printing job and also calculates Unit cost of job with and without Processing charges. Made for Press Owners who can graphically view and print placement of the job on the selected sheet of paper.

Audit Trail Tool

When system is large and users are many, it is required to keep track of added, changed and deleted transactions done in the system to assign responsibility. This tool records a log when any of the three occurs in any form or database. System wide track will be kept for various databases and information which are added, changed or deleted. System will log user identification, value changed from what to what, when (date and time) and type of transaction with database name. Authorized users can view, print and delete this audit trails at their wish.

Audit trail details can be generated operator wise or option wise with details of date and time of change/deletion, field name, old and new value, operator and option name etc.

Leveled Security System

Some organizations require security at various levels. System maintains all the operators' information and their ID. Each operator is assigned with a level between 1 to 10 depending on the seniority, type of work and the department in which they work.

System administrator can change the levels of any option given in the software menu to allow restricted entry with authorization only. Operator can change their password any time. System administrator can also assign new password, disable password of any operator.

Packing List for export documentation

This small package is excellent for the export traders who have to pack many items in bulk quantity in various types of packing. User can give starting case number from which computer will generate all the consequent case/carton numbers depending on the capacity of each case/carton for particular item. Software also calculates total weight, tare weight, net weight and volume in cubic meters for each case and for all cases.

Package for Salt Traders

This package is made for very specific working style of salt traders who receives truck information for dispatched salt every evening. One transaction is made up of many parameters like weight of salt, truck number, rate of salt, challan number, supplier name, customer name, freight paid etc. This information is gathered at different times therefore user needs to keep track of incomplete transactions. As soon as all the information is collected, transaction moves from pending view.

Java Based Archiving Tool

The Company (SGI) was looking to supplement some of the Java based business tools with an archiving tool. A tool rather than an application was important to make sure that the newly created tool can be seamlessly integrated with the existing applications. The tool needed to be generic in nature, so that it can be programmed, using GUI functionality, to perform the functionality provided (query, archive, purge etc.) in any combination.

Recipe Content Management System

Williams Sonoma Inc., USA wanted to re-architect their current content management tool to publish recipe's on their external website. The existing application was not sufficient to meet the changing needs of their business and internal processes, which included Workflow management, Image management and creating/editing Recipe's, Lunch/Dinner Menu's, Tips and Techniques for cooking. They also wanted to add new functionality and be able to do better content management.

Automated AutoCAD Drawing generation system

The project involved very specific skills involving knowledge of Mechanical engineering, Engineering drawing, Knowledge AutoCAD and Auto LISP.

This was one of the most challenging roles we played as Business Analyst and Project Manager cum engineer and technical person. Very specific business analysis skills were demanded with background of through Mechanical engineering, chemical process engineering, Engineering drawing, AutoCAD knowledge, and Fabrication processes along with finance background. As customers of KEPL were also stakeholders, people from all the departments were participating at various levels in this project during business analysis. Exhaustive analysis was done to gather the exact requirement with CEO, GMs, Senior and Junior management staff, engineers, draftsmen to find the pain points of drawings and fabrications and derive critical path of the project and vital factors involved in the success for the same.

Another thought-provoking (challenging) target was to bring down their drawing generation time from average 4-7 days to less than 3 minutes which was successfully achieved.

Project scope was to

  1. Do mechanical design calculation keeping in mind complex engineering methods and parameters like Modulus of Elasticity, Stress values at diff. temperature, load expected etc.
  2. Automatic full generation of engineering drawings as per the given set of data.
  3. Automatic full generation Fabrication drawings for all parts ready to be fed in CNC machines.
  4. Automatic dimension, blocks, instructions in each drawing.
  5. Automatic placement of different drawings in multiple sheets.
  6. Costing for the anticipated work by KEPL’s clients.
  7. Develop security server to prevent illegal use of the software.

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