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Jiffysense is an all-encompassing package, which satisfies every possible communication need within and outside the company. In traditional email clients emails and chats are just pieces of information but Jiffysense changes the way of communication by adding business Intelligence and make this information more meaningful and timely. It simulates the functionalities of webintelligence and broadcasting of BusinessObjects with special features like Marking, reminder, shared information, task schedule etc.

The application offers features hitherto unattended by any other single package. It is more versatile than an Email, more interactive than chat, more detailed than an office organizer. It lets users keep in touch with their clients or their branch offices in any part of the world. It keeps users 'wired' and increases the work tempo infectiously.

This is one of the biggest projects we handled shouldering end to end solution involving Research, Market Analysis, Conceiving ideas, brain storm planned features and potential impact on market, design, develop, test, implement them with full development and support. This runs parallel for installer and website changes for clients with each release of new versions.

Jiffysense is an all-encompassing software tool for communication and work flow management which can be effectively used by 2 to 500 computers network and eventually planned to scale up to 3000 concurrent users.

Jifffysense, Unlike most software has been evolved by building up ideas in actual user conditions. The results were unique as the software was practical, need based and had undergone stringent real-time testing. Having reaped the benefits of this breakthrough, sharing the solution with the corporate fraternity was the next logical step.

This is a sustaining project involves releasing periodic minor versions for the current versions available in the market.

Following briefly explains 6 major Jiffysense components

Jiffysense Communication Server:

Jiffysense Communication Server is backbone of the software. It maintains and helps close communications among Jiffysense clients.

Jiffysense Proxy Server:

Jiffysense Proxy Server requires connectivity with internet via dial-up, cable, lease line or any other means of connection. It allows you to share, control and track internet access facilities within your network.

Jiffysense Mail Server:

Jiffysense Mail Server requires connectivity with internet via dial-up, cable, lease line or any other means of connection. It allows you to send/receive external emails. You can send/receive emails using Jiffysense client or using any of your favorite email client such as Outlook Express, MS Outlook, and Incredimail etc.

Jiffysense Client:

Jiffysense client allow users to send/receive internal and external mails, do chat / conference, broadcast messages, do task management etc. Unlimited clients can be installed in "limited time evaluation version". All clients should be part of the network and each of them must have a LAN Card.

Jiffysense Remote Client:

When the machine is not part of the network and it is required to access Jiffysense Communication Server remotely (Dial-up or Internet connection) then this type of installation is to be done on the computer. Such machine may not have a LAN Card All the features of Jiffysense Client are available in Jiffysense remote client also.

Jiffysense Maintenance:

This tool is installed where Jiffysense servers are installed. Jiffysense maintenance allow user to reevaluate Jiffysense trial version, also generates a request letter for number of licenses required.

Financial Accounting Package

A unique financial accounting package is being used in all sizes of companies in different single and multi user environments (twenty five plus installation). This software keeps track of all accounts (ledgers) information. All vouchers entered are posted on-line and immediately update all linked modules. It can generate all standard FA reports like voucher printing, account listing, account summary, cash book, bank book, ledger, statement, outstanding, trial balance, manufacturing/trading account, profit & loss account, balance sheet, schedules.

It also has special reports viz. collection payment, interest calculation, depreciation, consolidated voucher list, cheque and receipt printing, set-off calculation for sales tax etc. which are incorporated on demand with numerous customization options.

You may also open new voucher types with their starting serial numbers and can customize each voucher type with default settings. Various features are given like fast entry, enable-disable particular fields, carry or skip particular fields of information, standardizing narration, unlimited detail entries in one voucher, automatic posting of voucher, change and deletion of voucher details etc.

Automatic account closing, simple end-of-year processing, capacity to maintain unlimited companies and unique features of manual P&L account, balance sheet and schedule makes this package very user friendly and simple to use

Correspondence System

Though many professional word processors are available in the market, they still lack in some areas. This correspondence system can keep track of follow-ups, grouping and linking of each related sent/received letter with complete history. Chronological maintenance of each sent letter to multiple recipients and their reply can also be tracked at one shot.

All standard word processing customization and template are also part of the system like attention line, body text, reference line closing, subject line, salutation, enclosure, cc to etc.

Address Label Printing Package

Usually standard sizes of address label stickers are available in the market. This package is developed for printing address labels in any size of stationery. User can define label width, label height, number of columns of the label stationery, spaces between two labels, margin and number of lines between two labels. Some distinguished features like - separate format can be specified for each line of the label, Additional text, and spaces can be inserted in any line with concatenation, multiple fields of any database can be set in each line. Sorting order, blank lines suppression, conditional printing etc. can be given as per user's requirement. Each of these layouts can be set and saved for future use.

Sticker Printing Package

Many manufacturing, packaging and trading industries do business with large number of items having different packaging, specification, usage, batch no., expiry date, size etc. printed on each packed item box. Different sticker layouts can be set and stored permanently in this package to fulfill changing need of the design.

This package enables user to print up to nine lines in each sticker. For each sticker layout, user can define sticker width, height, horizontal spacing and vertical spacing between two stickers, total columns, top and left margins etc. You may also justify sticker printing at precise distance in inches from left margin. You may also give various print styles like Bold, Italics, Underline, Enlarge, Outline, Shadow, Double height etc. with specified CPI (characters per inch).

Some times all the stickers in the sheet are not printed. To avoid wastage of remaining blank stickers, you may specify printing from a particular row of printing.

Collection Payment System

This module is used with Financial Accounting package and it will allow user to adjust debit and credit vouchers for all customers, suppliers, job workers etc. You may adjust one bill against multiple cheques, drafts, cash, credit notes, journal credit entries etc. You can also adjust multiple bills against one payment or receipt. Any change or deletion in voucher will allow you to readjust the credit and debit sides. Collection - Payment system will also allow you to adjust debit - credit voucher which may fall in different accounting years. On-line adjustment can be done at the time of voucher entry. This system also generates automatic letters from collection-payment data for latest overdue outstanding.

On-line Cash Register System for Document Processing Center, Hotels & Restaurants and Departmental Stores

This system generates on-line cash memo, challan, credit memo, expense, receipt, withdrawal etc. It also prepares daily summary of cash receipt, withdrawals, expenses, total sale through cash, challan and credit memos. It also keeps track of visitors, machine faults & repairs. System can be used in photo copy centers, hotels & restaurants, departmental stores where transactions are more and speed is important and operators are changing regularly.

Income Tax - form 49A Management System

This package is for income-tax practitioners who have to apply and manage for PAN no. for all his clients. All demographic information is kept with applicants file and ward numbers. Software also maintains sources of income, branches of the firm, minors and all their demographic information, members and their office addresses etc.

A completely ready form 49A as approved by IT department is printed with all other instructions for signature of the client.

Interest Calculation Package for money lenders, financial brokers, Financial Accounting package users

This package can do interest calculation from the transactions entered in the accounting system. You may selectively discard some transaction which may not to be considered as a part of the interest if falling in the same ledger. Interest can be calculated for selective account ledgers for selective period with given interest rate. All voucher entries will be done automatically in the Accounting system and detail calculation report can also be printed. You may also customize many parameters like interest rate, round off value for the final amount, days in a year etc.

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