Principal Partners

Paresh P.: M.S. Computer Science, University of Houston, USA and B.E. (Mech.) Worked 2+ years with InfoNet Inc., USA. as programmer/analyst, ASAS, Inc., USA as programmer/Designer and recently as I/S manager is heading a team involved with ERP packages and Intranet application development. Founder member of one startup company in India with 9+ years of management and 13+ years of technical experience. Selected as a member of the representing team from U of H, USA in the South Central Region Scholastic Programming Contest in Louisiana, USA.

Rajeev H.: M.S. Computer Science, California State university, USA Worked 4+ years with Silicon Graphics Inc, USA. as programmer/analyst and recently as I/S manager heading a team involved with Intranet application development and data warehousing. Prior to that worked for OLS Inc., USA as database programmer for 2 years and for Divergent Computers, Mumbai, India for 2+ years as software engineer.

D. Kumar: M.E. Computer Engineering, Widener university, USA Worked for 3+ years with Cisco Systems Inc., USA as programmer/analyst and project lead with work related to EDI and data warehousing. Also, worked with Mchugh Freeman, Wisconsin, USA, on development of Warehouse Management Systems. Prior experience constitutes of working with Haffkine Biopharmaceuticals, Mumbai India as I/S programmer.

Harsh P.: Commerce graduate with 3 years of Diploma in Comp. Science. Worked 9+ years as a Project Manager/Senior Analyst/Designer in ERP/commercial and Intranet application development. Similar wide experiences in Account, Finance and Taxation management. Special skills in template programming, handling module integration for multiple projects at the same time. Also built infrastructure of remote support team to serve the huge clientele spreaded all over the country.

Samir D.: B.E., B.Computer Sci., The International University. Managed two start up companies over 12 years with wide experience in management, finance and taxation, project evaluation, collaboration projects and exports. Designed and developed accounts package for personal use. Also experienced in Oracle programming.

D. Dhirendra: B.E. (Electrical, M.S. University of Baroda) and M.S. (Electrical) Michigan Tech. University, USA. He has acquired varied experience while serving the varied organizations in varied capacity. He started his carrier with Oak Ridge National Laboratory USA as a Research Assistant. He has worked as an Electronic Systems Engineer with G.R.M.Corporation, U.S.A. He has worked with J.N.Marshall Pvt. Ltd., Bombay as Electronic Sales Engineer to promote electronic control system used in process control industries such as petrochemicals, Fertilizers, Textiles, Paper, Chemicals etc.

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